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Welcome to the Rackésmillen

L'entrée de la Rackesmillen - Linda Devisch
Bouquet de fleur à l'entrée de la Rackesmillen - Linda Devisch
L'intérieur du moulin à la Rackesmillen - Linda Devisch
Paysage de la ville de Enscherange - Linda Devisch



This summer, we have an unforgettable evening in store for you on August 24 for the third edition of “Summerowend”. At the heart of the event, we find of course music, with the free concert by Luxembourg artist Ninon, but also a whole gastronomic and regional universe.


Start of the feast at 7:00 p.m.: Our country table will welcome festival-goers in each location. For the occasion, our chefs offer a buffet of regional dishes as well as finger food for those who just want to eat on the go.

Free live concert at 8:00 p.m.: Let yourself be carried away by the music and summer atmosphere of our various concerts.

Join us for an evening full of laughter, good humor and moments shared around music and Luxembourg gastronomy. Come with friends, family or even alone, there will always be a place for you at our table!

Reservations: or +352 92 17 45 1


Happy Hour at the Rackésmillen

Hello everyone! Get ready to raise your glasses and have a great time together! Delicious cocktails, infectious laughter and a friendly atmosphere await you! See you at the Rackésmillen from 6pm until 7pm. Don't miss this chance to relax and have fun!

See you there! 🍹

Un plat qui se trouve à la Rackesmillen - Linda Devisch

Eat at the Rackésmillen

Completely integrated into the mill, the Rackésmillen kitchen invites you to discover country cuisine, based on cereal and local products. Meat, freshwater fish are here always accompanied by buckwheat, wheat or even local pasta. 

Sleep at the Rackésmillen

Comfortable and simple, our double or family rooms welcome you all year round. Ideal stopover for hikers, the peaceful inn offers a traditional stopover in the heart of the Eislek. 

L'intérieur d'une chambre à la Rackesmillen - Linda Devisch

Our rooms

Discover the comfort and charm of our rooms. We've thought of everything to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you're looking for peace and quiet, romance or business, our rooms are perfect for you. Book now and enjoy a unique experience.


13,00 € / people

Petit déjeuner à la Rackésmillen
Visit Clervaux - Linda Devisch - Septembre 2022 - Rackésmillen (61).jpg

Exploring the area

The Rackésmillen is established in the village of Enscherange, commune of Kiischpelt. It is ideally located in the heart of the Clerve valley, at the crossroads of many hiking trails linking Kautenbach to Clervaux, such as Escap'Ardenne or the recent Eislek PAD. The region, mostly surrounded by still wild forests, is a real adventure playground for nature lovers and those who enjoy rejuvenating stays.  

The surroundings nevertheless allow beautiful cultural or heritage visits, as in Clervaux, Cité de l'Image and living heart of the surroundings.

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