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Go on an adventure in Kiischpelt and around Clervaux

The region is a land of endless adventures for lovers of hiking and outdoor sports. Here you will find perfectly marked and maintained routes, allowing, on the side, nature to live wildly in our game-filled forests. 

You will have the chance to travel for kilometers without meeting, sometimes, other visitors of this nature of simple beauty.


But let's not forget the many cultural facets of the surroundings. Clervaux, famous City of the Image, will convince fans of photography, theater and heritage. Lellingen, closer, is famous for its artists' market as well.

And finally, the castles. They are numerous in the north of the country. From the discreet castle of Schuttbourg to the brilliant castle of Clervaux, without forgetting those of Bourscheid  and Vianden, not far from there. 

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