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Our engagements


Our energy, which is currently partly green, will, in the near future, be produced using solar panels. We intend to use the mill wheel to generate our electricity. We also heat ourselves with pellets and have a thermodynamic hot water tank.

Water Management

To try to reduce the quantities of water used, we have installed aerators (flow limiter)  to all of our showers and taps as well as our toilets.

Our wastewater is obviously connected to the drainage. 

Waste management

The Al Mockerei gîte will have its own sorting area, accessible to customers and well explained. On a daily basis, we make efforts to  reduce the use of plastics and we have banned single-pack products. Our cooks work every day to reduce food waste. 


In the region, light pollution is a fight that we take particularly seriously. This is why all our exterior lighting has been well thought out so as not to disturb the local fauna. They will also be closed at night and / or have timers.  

We do not use pesticides or insecticides. 


After the audit carried out, we took advantage of the renovations to insulate the entire roof, affix new frames and worked on details such as the insulation of the conduits. We make it a point of honor to use local materials, such as local wood, hemp, wood wool, ...)


In the restaurant, seasonal products as well as local products are favored. We also want to supply ourselves with fair trade products for a few specific commodities. We know our local producers and suppliers and we put them in the spotlight. The customer can thus discover real regional cuisine. 


We are already very fortunate to have free public transport. Drauffelt train station is located a few kilometers from the hotel. Rackèsmillen is the ideal starting point for discovering the beauties of the region, whether on foot or by bike. Customers will find everything they need to provide them with the best possible information on nearby activities to do.


What is sustainable communication?  First of all, it is not about doing green washing in our communication. We are part of a network of tourism partners, but also of a region that promotes more reasoned tourism. We respect the commitments made jointly and are even very proud of them. 

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